"That’s all we are - just stories.."

I decided to make a tumblr to save quotes to so that they're not lost whenever my computer breaks.

Interviewer: “Acting seems like such a difficult way to make a living. Why would anyone want to put themselves through the ups and mostly downs?

Stana Katic: “I don’t know why other people do it. But I just love it. Not to get dark with you, but there was a time when I was sick and I wasn’t sure if it was a terminal illness. I remember driving back from a specialist’s clinic and being told they had to operate. I looked out my window in the back seat of the car and recall watching these fields of corny pass by and these big water towers in the distance, I thought, ‘Wow, this may be the last time I get to see this part of the world. Okay, how much time do I have and who do I want to see and touch? What sounds do I want to hear and what do I want to taste? But that’s the kind of thing we should be asking ourselves all the time. We should always be appreciating those things and living more happily. We’re so lucky to be alive and have the senses that we have. Why not enjoy it? That’s what acting is to me. How lucky am I that my job asks me to feel all of those things?”